Get a Life Reading and Support Our Dancers

Dear Friends,

Are you looking for some insight and foresight into life’s journey? A seasoned, highly attuned astrologer is making a special offer in support of my dancing girls!

$100 off the regular fee for your ASTROGICAL LIFE READING

by James E. Higgins aka Nischintya Dasa

The proceeds of your tax-deductible donation go to support my dancers who are currently in need of $1200 for costumes.

Normally $325, just $225 will pay for a 90 minute reading that will include remedial measures – gem recommendations, mantras, charity and austerity suggestions and Vedic ceremonies.

Call or Text 310-425-6412 today to schedule your reading with Nischintya and support the Padma Dancers. Please send your tax-deductible donation for his services to our PayPal address –, or click the ‘Buy Now’ buttons below.

$225 for life reading

Donate directly to the dancers

Testimonials from famous greats and your next-door neighbor…

The best advice I ever got.

Arnold DeClercq

Owner, Hidden Adventures: Maui, Hawaii

Nischintya dasa is the best astrologer money can buy.

Doris Duke


Turn on, Tune in, Drop out and get your chart done by James E. Higgins III.

Timothy Leary

Harvard Professor and Counter-culture hero

The astrological observations Mr. Higgins made were incredibly insightful, specific and accurate. I especially appreciated his willingness to answer my numerous questions and further explain details to me. I recommend his services to anyone who needs clarity on a life changing decision or even just a basic understanding of their own natal chart. His knowledge of the stars is as impressive as his affable personality. Many thanks!

Nama (Nitya) Best

Mediator, Family Counselor, Housewife, Mother

Guruji (Nischintya Dasa) is very sharp, observant and intuitive. Learning from him I see his adept knowledge in the subject of Vedic and neo-vedic styles. He knows how to translate the chart in a comprehensive manner that gives remedies and results. I have experienced this personally. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a detailed and accurate vedic reading. He brings the ancient world of this science to the current day interpretations easily and smoothly. Namaste.

Vidya Lakshmi Venkateswaran

Classical Carnatic Singer, Computer Scientist, Housewife, Mother